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Bhikkhu Sangha's United Buddhist Mission


Come Ahead for Promoting Buddhism In India
Pay Back To The Birth Place of Buddha



India is the birth place of Buddha . SakyamaniGautam Buddha born in India and  by developing infinite compassion towards entire humanity he started spreading the  sublime message of enlightenment  towards all quarters of the world , the ten directions of the world. The great Emperor king Ashoka got much inspiration from Buddha’s teaching and devoted his life for Buddhist cause, made entire JAMBUDEEP the land of noble Dhamma and had the great vision to share his Dhamma’s everlasting  immense joy  to neighboring   countries for the enlightenment and  happiness of many. He got overwhelming success in his Dhamma Mission.
But in course of time, due to great enmity and inhuman behavior towards Buddhism India lost the great teaching of Buddha and the noble Bhikkhu Sangha.  Great Emperor Ashoka built up 84,000 Stupas (Temples) all over India, and  helped the Bhikkhu Sangha in various ways and strengthened  the Buddha Sasana but after some time, the great  enemy  of human welfare, purposely made Buddhism to be uprooted from its birth place, the land of India. Then the time came and India became a land of No -  Buddhism  people forgot the Buddha’s teaching and his great mission of Dhamma.
In recent era great champion Anagarika Dhammapala of Sri Lanka and great scholar, the father of the Indian constitution, and great liberator, a great follower of Buddha Dr. Baba Sahab Ambedkar revived the Buddhism in India by converting millions of people in Buddhist faith, he tried to bring back the lost Buddhist glory, the Buddhist tradition on Indian soil . Now since 1956 the historical mass conversion to Buddhist faith, the Buddhism started growing in democratic New India. Now Millions of people are developing great interest in Lord Buddha’s teaching But they need proper guidance, the proper Dhamma training for truly following the path of great Dhamma. Now India needs good Bhikkhu Sangha, the good teacher of Dhamma, We need good Upasaka training centers, good monasteries, good Bhikkhu training centers, Buddhist colleges are the great need of the time.
 To cope up the great need of the time we, the  Bhikkhu Sangha’s united Buddhist Mission started spreading the Buddha’s teaching  in various ways as follows:-

1)      Buddhist Monastery :We established a great Buddhist monastery in great Business city of Mumbai, by Name Sorvodaya  Maha Buddha Vihara   (Buddhist temple ).Since last 24 years it is working .

2)      Mini Bus for Dhamma Talks :     We  bought a mini Bus, converted it into the Dhamma chariot (Ratha ), Carrying 25 monks , we travel  place to place and town  to towns and started Vishva Mangal Maitri Dhamma yatra to all over the Maharashtra as well as other parts of India.

3)      Sunday Dhamma School : We have  started  Dhamma Sunday School for School going Children of age group of 5 to 12 year of age. They enormously need proper teaching at this growing age. At First attempt we are starting such Sunday Dhamma School at 10,000 villages . Millions of students will get benefit of that , their heart will be transform towards Buddha’s holy teaching,  the great change will come, by this way .

4)      Samanera Training:   We have  started temporary SAMANERA training project .We inspire  lay followers to become Samanera for short period, say for one month or three months, give up the family life for short period , and practice  Buddhism and then giving up monk life spread Buddhism in his respective locality. We make a batch of 40 to 50 people and train them as the teacher of Dhamma and send them in different locality carrying the Dhamma Mission of Buddha.

5)      Training  for old People : We inspire the retire, old aged  people to become a SAMANERA for short time, study, Practice Buddhism and then after three months, travel place to place and spread the holy teaching of Dhamma .Lot of people are getting benefit by this scheme.

6)      Trees Planting  Program:   We inspire people to plant good trees, at list minimum 10 to every Sunday School villages and take care of their growing, more than 100,000 trees are being planted in 10000 villages where  millions of students will get benefit of it , their heart will be transform towards Buddha’s holy teaching, great change will come.
7)      Recording Video C D. :       For spreading the Correct pure Dhamma massage to the common people we started recording Video C.D and taking the advantage of electronic  equipment we started  using this media and spreading the teaching of lord Buddha. Till date we brought out 16 Video C.d’s on special Dhamma talk which helps very well in spreading the Dhamma.

8)      Small Book lets :        We are writing a Small – Small booklets and spreading the Dhamma by distributing them in the common people this help them in great way for practicing Buddhism.  

9)      Vipassana Meditation Camps :We conduct VIPASSANA Meditation  camps time to time and greatly help to promote Buddhism  in the common masses .

10)    Pilgrimage Tour:        We organize a pilgrimage tour to Buddhist places and inspire people to follow Buddhism and lead the Dhamma lives.

11)    Dhamma Preaching Tour:  We organize Dhamma preaching tour place to place in different part of the country  and spread Buddha’s teaching for the benefit of many.

12)    Boys Hostel:      we have started a hostel for school boys since last 20 years and helping the school going children, bringing them on the path of good education as well as Dhamma training which helps large number of people.

13)    Residential Deaf & dumb School :       We have started Residential Deaf and Dumb School for  the Deaf and Dumb Children. Since last 14 years the School is going on and helping the  handicapped  children with the compassion of holy Dhamma.

14)    Book publication – We always print the Sutta books, the Dhamma prayers books, and the great Dhamma talks (discourses ) books  in local language and help to spread Buddhism in common people.

15)    Full Moon Day Program :  We organize full moon day special Dhamma practicing, Atthasila Uposath program  and  promote the Dhamma teaching in common people . .

16)    Acquiring Land for Temples :     We started getting land and building the Buddhist monasteries, the teaching place of Buddha Dhamma at several places .We believe that a Buddhist temple is a practical living university of Buddha’s teaching which inspire millions of people and promote Buddhism.

17)    Two Iime Chanting:   Daily two time morning and evening we organize Dhamma prayer Chanting and Mangal Maitri ,Metta Sutta chanting program for people ..

18)    Guest House :    We establish guest house for foreigners  and  local people

19)    Conferences:     Time to time we organize conferences for awakening people.

20)    Dhammadoot Teacher:       We create Dhammadoot, Dhamma- teacher monks as well as train Upasakas for Dhamma preaching.

21)    Interfaith Religious Meetings :We organize inter faith religious program and invite different religious  leaders to exchange the thoughts and develop the Maitri for humanity .

22)    Having Land of 27 Acres :We  got 27 Acres of land for developing the Buddhist training centers in different places ..

23)    Member of The WFB :       We are a active member, the regional centre of the world fellowship of Buddhist (WFB )  since last 25 years  and attend the world conferences of  WFB.

24)    Member Of The WBF:       We are the member of the World Buddhist Forum (WBF), China, and attend the world conferences.

25)    Creating Ideal Buddhist Families :       We have started great movement of  Building up Ideal Buddhist families  in various localities and strengthening the Buddhist (Samaj) society .

26)    Discourses on National T .V.:      Time to Time our president most venerable Bhadant Rahula Bodhi Maha Thero deliver the Dhamma talks on National  T.V Channels and spread the divine peace message of Buddha.

27)    Dhamma training for Women :We organize special Dhamma training camps for ladies and teach them  holy Dhamma.

28)    Free Medical Camps : We organize free medical check up camps by expert medical Doctors and help the people in caring their health .

29)    Making Dayaka Members : We inspire people to be a Dayaka Member of the Sangha by taking oath of giving regular Daana (danation) for promoting the Dhamma .We motivate people to promise and donate every day Rs. 10/- or Rs. 5/- or Rs. 2/- or Rs. 1/- regularly . That of the entire year it comes as Rs 3650/-or Rs 1825/- or Rs.730/- or Rs 365/- Donate at once yearly by above calculation and  have a honor of Dayaka Member of The Dhamma .

30)    All India Taruna Dhamma Sena : We have established All India Youth
Dhamma Sena  a wing of youth Buddhist boys and girls for protecting and promoting  Buddha `s Teaching all over the Country .

We appeal the world Buddhist leaders and meritorious people to come forward and support to these noble cause for spreading  Buddhism on the soil of JAMBUDEEP, India and achieved  the great merit.     

May Dhamma Bless you !