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100 koti fund Samaj Nirmith

We have made a master plan to raise Rs. 100 Crores ( Rupees One Hundred Crores) of non political, only Social , SAMAJIKA FUND for all round unique development of our Ambedkarites Bouddha Samaj , just expecting yearly contribution only Rs. 4,ooo/- ( Four thousand only) from employed and earning persons or family

With very simple scientific method this fund can be raised , which will broadly change the future of our scattered Bouddha Samaj. I ,myself venerable Dr. Bhadant Rahul Bodhi Maha Thero, M.A. Ph.D. Vipassanacharya am willing to commence this unique project if majority of you, our people, make commitment to support to this novel project. You can see the detail project and benefit of this on our Web Site:

 Poojya Bhadant Rahul Bodhi Mahathero VipassannaCharya





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