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Bhikkhu Sangha's United Buddhist Mission



We have  started the  the Buddhist College of  Science for spreading the  message of ,The Buddha for the welfare of the  entire humanity
The Buddhist College is started from 1 st January 2009 . At our Sarvodaya Maha Buddha Vihara Tilak Nagar Chembur Mumbai

The Following staff is looking after the College :-

  1. Director—Venerable Bhadant Rahula Bodhi Maha Thero , Vipassanacharya .
  2. Principal – Prof. Dr. P.C. Warke, M.A. Ph. D.

Academic Council Members

  1. Ven. Bhadant Rahula Bodhi.B. Com . M.A. Vipassanacharya.
  2. Prof. Dr. T.R. Ghoble, M.A. Ph. D.
  3. Prof. Dr. V. B. Tayde , M.A. Ph. D.
  4. Prof. Dr. P.C. Warke , M.A. Ph. D.
  5. Prof. Dr. D.L. Jadhav, M.A. Ph. D.
  6. Prof. Dr. S.R. Kamble, M.A. Ph. D.
  7. Prof. K.G. Yashambre, M.A. Ph. D.
  8. Mrs. Anuradha Rokade (Membar)
  9. Mr. T.N. Urkude ( Member)