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Bhikkhu Sangha's United Buddhist Mission


Introduction of Venerable Bhadant Rahul Bodhi’s Dhamma and social work.


A Brief Biography Of Venerable Bhadant Rahula Bodhi Maha Thero

  1. Name    :Venerable Bhadant Rahula Bodhi MAHA THERA.
  2. Born   : 1st March 1951.
  3. Got his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Nagpur University in 1973.
  4. Got Shramaner Pabbjia in 1971 at Nagpur Under Maha Pandit Dr Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan, Sangha Nayak, Maha Thero, of All India Bhikkhu Sangha.
  5. Got Higher Ordination Bhikkhu Upasampada at Buddha Gaya, under the auspicious Enlightenment Bodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya (Bihar) India.
  6. Went to Colombo Sri Lanka in 1974 got higher Bhikkhu Training of Theravada Tradition in Gangaramaya Maha Viharaya Peliya goda, at Vidyalankar Piriwene Kelaniya and at Paramadharma Chatiya Rajamaha Viharaya Ratmalana Colombo Sri Lanka.Total 10years spent in Sri Lanka for Higher Dhamma training.
  7. Studied for M.A. Degree in religious Philosophy at Kelaniya University of Sri Lanka in 1979-80.
  8. Delivered Religious Dhamma talks (the Dharma Discourses)   on Radio Sri Lanka, On Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, 8000 Dhamma Discourses  were delivered  on Radio.
  9. Studied Vipassana Meditation Technique at Kanduboda Vipassana Meditation Centre, Kandy Vipassana Centre, Mihintale Vipassana Meditation Centre   in Sri Lanka.
  10. Studied Vipassana Technique in Burma Yanguna.
  11. Studied Vipassana Meditation Technique at Dhammagiri under Vipassana Acharya S.N.Goenka in India.
  12. Appointed Vipassana Master for Teaching Vipassana in 1977 by his teacher Dr Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan Sangha Nayak, Maha Nayak Thero, Started teaching Vipassana since 1974.
  13. Was appointed a member on Cultural Committee of the Central Ministry Government of India for six years, since 1990-96.
  14. Was a member of Delegation of Central Government of India to bring holy relics of Lord Buddha from Seoul (Korea) to India in January 1996.
  15. Was a member of Delegation of Central Government of India to carry holy relics of Lord Buddha to Bangkok Thailand in December 1996.
  16. Got M.A. Degree in Pali Literature from University of Bombay in 1990.
  17. Studying for Ph.D. at University of Mumbai, India.
  18. Established a world wide Known “Sarvodaya Maha Buddha Vihara” at Indian Commercial Capital City Mumbai.
  19. Purchased a huge plot of Land from the Government of Maharastra at  Mumbai and Build up a three storied big Social Educational  Cultural Centre and Maha Buddha Vihara at Mumbai spending over US$ 560,000/- on the Vihar Project.
  20. Established 7 branches of the Bhikku Sangha’s United Buddhist Mission and Maha Buddha Vihara at different towns of India.
  21. Became a Director and Established a Hostel for School boys at Mumbai and helping them in their Education.
  22. Became a Director and Established a Residential Deaf & Dumb School for boys and girls. Running this Residential School since last 10 years at Sonagaon Dist- Amravati.
  23. Started Shramaner’s Bhikkhu Training Centre at Mumbai.
  24. Started Humanistic Buddhist Uparsak & Upasika Dhamma training centre (for lay people) at Mumbai.
  25. Started Sunday Dhamma School training for Teen aged Children at Mumbai.
  26. Established a Dhamma Dayak Sabha for propagating and spreading Buddhism.
  27. His Excellency, the President of India Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam along with other religions spiritual leaders, Bhadant Rahula Bodhi is a founder member of the Foundation for Unity of Religion and Enlighten Citizenship.
  28. Written and Published 15 Books on Dhamma for propagation.
  29. Composed 10 Audio Cassettes on Dhamma for propagation.
  30. Composed and published 12 Video C.D. and Audio C.D. on Dhamma Discourses for Dhamma propagation.
  31. Attended 10 World Conferences on Buddhism in different countries.
  32. The Organization Bhikku Sangha’s United Buddhist Mission became a regional Center of the World Fellowship of Buddhist.
  33. Traveled to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia,   and other Countries of the world as a Dhamma Doot for spreading the love and compassionate message of Lord Buddha.
  34. Organized and conducted 150 Vipassana Mediation camps in different cities in India and Abroad.

35. Was one of the chief guests for Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar's Statue installation ceremony at Colombia University, New York U. S. A.

36. Was a distinguish guest at Bharatratna and Father of Indian Constitution Dr.Baba Sahe Ambedkar's Memorial Hall inauguration ceremony southall  London U. K.

The contribution of Venerable Bhadant Rahul Bodhi’s work for promoting
Buddhism in India and abroad.

  • Venerable Bhadant Rahul Bodhi got Novice Ordination (Shramnera Pravajya) in 14th October, 1971 at the gracious hands of Sangh Nayaka Venerable Dr. Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan Mahathero at Diksha Bhoomi, Nagpur at young age of 20 years.
  • He obtained his upasampada the Higher Ordination a Bhikkhu upasampada under holy Maha Bodhi Tree at Buddha Gaya on 11th March, 1973 from holy all India Bhikkhu Sangha, with the gracious hands of Venerable Dr. Jagdish Kashyap Maha Thero, the Sangha Nayaka of All India Bhikkhu Sangha in presence of Venerable Anand Mittra Maha Thero, Venerable Anand Kausalyayan Maha Thero and Venerable Dharman Viriyo Thero.         
  • He feel himself very fortunate that as a describe of Venerable Dr. Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan, he got a good monk’s training and good opportunity staying with him and learning lot many things from his Guru the teacher at Diksha Bhoomi, Nagpur.
  • He was a member of a grant committee, the Ministry of Culture, Central Govt. of India for six years. Then he helped many Buddhist institutions by sanctioning grant from Central Government.
  • He was sent to South Korea by Central Government of India to bring back the holy relic of Lord Buddha to India in 1996. He got very good honor out this mission. He felt very very fortunate and handed the holy relic of Lord Buddha and carry to casket box to the Motherland India.
  • Again, on 18th June, 1998 he was appointed to join the high level delegation of 20 persons, Government of India; who ware sent to Bangkok, Thailand to carry the holy relics of Lord Buddha. The Sangha Raja and Dy. Prime Minister along with high level delegation of Bhikkhu Sangha of Thailand came to Delhi by special Chartered Plane and with great honor both the countries high level delegate went to Thailand, got Thai Royal Honor and took the holy relic for great exhibition to Thai people. Venerable Bhadant Rahul Bodhi got this rare opportunity to join the mission.
  • On the radio, the Sri Lanka broadcasting  coordinator he delivered 8000 Dhamma sermons in Hindi language from Sri Lanka to the millions people of India & such become a noble cause to spread the holy teachings of Lord Buddha and got lots of Merit.
  • He got his M. A. Degree in Pali Literature, studied for M. A. in religious Philosophy at Vidya Lankara University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, studied for L. L. B. at university of Bombay and making a research for his Ph. D. in Buddhist concept of Rebirth at Saint Zaviers College from University of Bombay.
  • He felt very fortunate by getting an opportunity to perform the ceremony of installation of Great Leader Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s bust at the Lehan’s Library, Colombia University. New York America in 2000.
  • He was invited to attend Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Jayanti function at the Parliament House, London, England on 14th April, 2000.
  • He attended nine very high prestigious International Buddhist Conference in Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Korea, North America, Nepal, Japan, Shanghai (China), Taiwan and Hong Kong (China), etc.
  • He wrote and published 15 inspirable books on Buddhism, and wrote many articles in the daily news papers and magazines.
  • In order to spread the holy and true message of Lord Buddha, He compiled and recorded 13 Video cassettes in Pali, Hindi, and Marathi languages. He attended many local conferences and always traveling through out India to spread the Noble Dhamma for the welfare of the people.
  • He is the founder Member of Religious Foundation and Enlightened Citizenship an enter-religious organization founded by gracious blessing of Honorable president of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and venerable Maha Pragyaji on 15th October 2003, where 15 Dhammagurus participated and attended the  ceremony at Rastrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.
  • He founded Bhikkus Sangha’s United Buddhist Mission, an International Organization. Bought a very prestigious big plot of land in Mumbai at Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai 400089 and established historical Sarvodaya Maha Buddha Vihar, a monestry and training centre for shramanera’s and monk’s, the Vihar as getting reputation world wide and offering great services for Lord Buddha sasana.
  • We are running a hostel for school boys at Sarvodaya Maha Buddha Vihar premises, named as Vishwadeep Vastigruha since, 1989. Standard 5th to standard 10th school boys are residing and getting benefit for their Education in Mumbai City.
  • We are running a special residential school for Deaf and Dumb children at Sangaon, Chandur Rly., District – Amravati and helping disabled persons taking care with comparison. The residential school is running since last 11 years.
  • He conducted more than 200 Vipassana Meditation Courses, a 10 days camp each and taught Vipassana to thousands of people. Many one days Vipassana Courses were conducted by him.